Why Do Clinical Trials Take So Long?

A smaller clinical drug trial could take about a year while a larger clinical trial could take many years. It depends on how the trial is executed. While there are factors that you can’t control it typically takes a year from start to finish.

A smaller clinical drug trial could take about a year and a larger clinical trial can take many years. It depends on how it is executed.

The launch of the clinical trials take the most time ranging from seven months or longer just to plan the trial. This includes writing the clinical protocol, finding investigators and other factors.

Once the trial is underway, it depends on how long it takes to recruit patients and how many people are going to enroll in your study. Finishing the drug trial takes less time, in most trials.

Planning the clinical trial takes about 50% of the time and this is where most mistakes are made. If it isn’t planned well, the whole process slows down. Most clinical trials fail due to poor planning.

However, most trials are successful. Planning is the key to success.

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