Why Do Clinical Trials Take So Long to Start?

Clinical Trials take too long to start. The clinical trial managers may not start a trial from 6-9 months to even 12 months. This is more time than it should.

Research has shown that many prescription drug companies accept inefficiency. The threshold is much too high for inefficiency.

Many clinical trial tools are antiquated, such as decade-old Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project. It should be better, though, as technology is much faster and efficient.

Clinical Trial Managers are limited by their management tools. If their management tools are old, they will probably have an inefficient management system.

However, DLTA has its own clinical trial tool which is an enormous upgrade from the current tools. It helps the clinical trial manager keep in touch with all the workers in the clinical trial.

DLTA helps in the planning, administration and execution of clinical trials. Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application maps the end-to-end drug approval process. It offers a one stop shop to manage Drug Lifecycle and Regulatory Review process. Call us at (240) 753-8282.