Why Do Clinical Trials Fail? (Part 2)

Project Managers often have to deal with an unproductive team. It is a challenge that the project manager has to troubleshoot. There are many possible reasons that the team does not perform well.

The Project Manager needs to find the root cause and fix it, as soon as possible or the clinical trial is in danger of ending. However, the Project Manager doesn’t always have the tools readily available. They may even have to recover their trial timeline.

Another reason is “Complexity of Protocol”. This means that the trial has too many things going on in one study. It does not mean that the clinical trial cannot be completed, however. The study can still be done. A “Master protocol”, where you run many trials at the same time, can be done now if you have the right tools.

The challenge is a factor of how the trial is run, then in those cases Project Managers can plan and address them in timely fashion without delaying the clinical trial. So many professionals are involved in clinical trials and they have to come together for it to be successful.

DLTA is designed to address all of the common problems that project managers face such as the ones addressed by these common clinical trial failures.

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