The Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application is a cloud-based work management solution developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry that maps and tracks the entire lifecycle of a drug being developed, including the FDA’s drug approval and post-approval processes and activities.

DLTA provides the industry with a solution that is detailed and complete with built-in durations and dependencies, milestones for tracking, forms to capture relevant data for each process step, and reports that provide customizable levels of visibility for the entire operation. Research teams can view and manage data from any device – anytime and anywhere.

We realize that the quality of the data within the given tool you are implementing directly impacts end user acceptance and adoption of that tool. In developing DLTA, one of the key factors on which we placed great value in making design decisions was the facilitation of a positive end user experience and effective engagement. Our unique design approach of simplifying and unifying work is at the core of every element within the application and will significantly contribute to your success. Bringing the entire lifecycle of work into one system reduces the friction that slows down handoffs between and within teams, streamlines report generation, reduces the burden on IT maintenance and support, and provides a common direction that cannot be communicated when using disparate systems. As part of our approach to ensure DLTA will be a success for any organization, we have developed extensive adoption strategies that include job aids, training videos and support services which are built into the DLTA offering.

DLTA practices what it preaches – its fluid design affords it the ability to integrate with any technology, providing the pharmaceutical industry with an environment that facilitates collaboration and communication at the enterprise level.

DLTA unifies your workforce by connecting all your teams, processes and existing software, making it the centerpiece that links your organization around one goal to improve the lives of your customers through the products you engineer.