What is a Clinical Trial Feasibility Study?

Clinical Trial Feasibility Studies means finding the right investigators and patients then determining costs. It is done to evealuate how the test could fail then decide to proceed or not to proceed.

The project manager and trial sponsor take the lead. They look at the records of investigators and see if they are able to do the clinical trial.

Most of the data is related to patient recruitment and logistical issues related to a trial. Cost estimates are made. Data is used to plan a better trial.

DLTA’s role is to execute visibility and start the study. Then, of course take the company through the entire clinical trial process. It is a tool intended to help project managers.

DLTA helps in the planning, administration and execution of clinical trials. Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application maps the end-to-end drug approval process. It offers a one stop shop to manage Drug Lifecycle and Regulatory Review process. Call us at (240) 753-8282.