What are the New Clinical Trial Technologies?

Clinical Trial Project Managers are are not necessarily using the newest technologies in the marketplace. Microsoft Project is popular but it is twenty-years old.

Inertia is the main reason for not switching to the new technologies. Most technologies require a learning curve and project managers are averse to doing it because it takes time to learn it and train it to others.

Hopefully, Clinical Trial managers will be switching to newer tools for their trials.

DLTA has its own clinical trial tool which is an enormous upgrade from the current tools. It helps the clinical trial manager keep in touch with all the workers in the clinical trial.

DLTA helps in the planning, administration and execution of clinical trials. Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application maps the end-to-end drug approval process. It offers a one stop shop to manage Drug Lifecycle and Regulatory Review process. Call us at (240) 753-8282.