What are the advantages of DLTA to Drug Manufacturers?

  • Consolidation of work efforts
  • Seamless handoffs
  • Real time updates
  • Single platformmanages the entire cycle
  • Complete visibility of all tasks
  • Regulatory reviews can be managed more efficiently
  • Project management is automated – end to end
  • Single repository for documents, data and communications

Who benefits from DLTA?

Every member of the team benefits because DLTA helps to execute the perfect project plan. Here are some examples.

  • Every department. Work is rolled up into reports that feed into the dashboard.
  • Regulatory team. Work can be anticipated and reviewed without causing a stoppage.
  • Study director. Progress is mapped from end to end for easy oversight.
  • Clinical projects manager. Assignments and updates can be made without cumbersome spreadsheets and overflowing emails.
  • Contract officer. External users are invited into the system where their work is seen and recorded.
  • Site managers. Coordination of participants is better managed.