Contract Research Organizations

A comprehensive solution, DLTA helps to standardize the workflow and accountability for preclinical and clinical activities.

CROs play a significant role within the pharmaceutical industry. They provide support to the industry by conducting preclinical research, clinical research, clinical trial management and drug safety analysis. CROs offer broad experience in managing complex trials and they provide an objective assessment of new drugs.

The management of clinical studies for a pharmaceutical provides many organizational challenges. These challenges are not very different from the challenges faced by pharmaceuticals in the development of a drug. Some of the same conditions exist:

  • Multiple teams
  • Management of partnerships with many companies
  • Tracking work assignments between various teams
  • Working on several drug profiles at the same time

And therefore, the challenges are similar for both companies.

What are the advantages of DLTA to CROs?

  • Accountability of work efforts
  • Standardized processes for pre-clinical and clinical activities
  • Real time updates and reporting
  • Single platform engages all for distribution of tasks and document management
  • Complete visibility of all tasks back to study/trial stakeholders