Simplifying Work by Unifying Work

Developing new drugs requires managing highly complex processes that span over several years and involves the collaboration of multiple resource groups. Having to manage this complex maze of workflows and simultaneously navigate through FDA’s regulatory requirements with no central engine has led to fragmentation within pharmaceutical organizations.

A fragmented workspace leads to confusion, work duplication, and a workforce that is disengaged, inevitably leading to project failures and associated considerable impacts to revenue.

DLTA simplifies the method by which managers plan and track work and how researchers and research teams perform by mapping, unifying and connecting processes across the entire drug development lifecycle.

We begin by breaking down complex development steps into small manageable units, allowing researchers to easily manage and document projects and regulatory milestones. We have built automated processes, dynamic reporting, and integrations that give teams a singular system for engagement with unified interfaces for better visibility across teams.

Each step in a workflow has been aligned with industry standards of drug development and the FDA’s requirements for drug applications, helping research teams optimize project management, from initiation to submission to post-approval activities.

The heart of DLTA is the belief that simplifying work, simplifies life…and this belief is realized by Unifying Work at the enterprise level.