In spite of recent advances in science and technology, the next great innovation in drug research and development is not going to be a major breakthrough in cancer, HIV, or some other research. That is; an increase in sustained profits will not be as a result of introducing a new breakthrough drug on the market. Rather, most pharmaceuticals are going to realize previously unidentified profits through optimizing operational activities. This is most certainly the case for generic drug manufacturing.

In short, the adage, “what got us here, will not get us there,” applies very specifically to drug research.

Within the next two years Pharmas will:

1. Look for ways to harmonize each step of the application preparation process.
2. Create methods to prevent data loss during the research period.
3. Reorganize research teams to be more collaborative.
4. Reduce the number of resubmissions to FDA.
5. Update executive dashboards to retain a better view of the overall development process.

In this series, we are going to review how enterprise work management creates operational optimization that will find and realize new levels of sustained profits within the pharmaceutical industry.

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