There are tremendous risks associated when developing a new drug.

Ordinarily a drug lifecycle is between 10-12 years and teams are bound to encounter unforeseen hurdles. If teams are not utilizing the same processes and tracking their progress in the same way that can result in unforeseen delays and loss of data.

It is critical that all teams and team members are on the same page. Teams use many different independent tools in an attempt to keep their work moving forward and on track. The same types of activities are tracked differently at different stages of the process because the activity is completed by a different set of team members and each team has their own preference for tracking their work. Without a mechanism that connects the processes can lead to fragmentation.

The problem compounds when you start thinking about shared work. When two or more teams need to work together, the result is work chaos. For example, we recently met someone from a Regulatory Affairs team who told us that they use one of 20 different tools to do the same work activity, depending on who makes the work request. Preclinical reviews have to be done in System A, and Marketing reviews are done in System B, and so on. That is absurd. Getting work done should be much easier than that.

Teams using one cohesive system would be ideal. Through trackability, transparency, real-time progress reports and centralized document repositories many risks could be eliminated.

Uniting an single system of engagement provides your teams with:

  • A consistent approach to managing their work
  • More seamless handshakes from team to team and stage to stage
  • Reduced time spent onboarding and other holding training
  • Better macro level visibility of what will be handed off to the team and when
  • These benefits and more will be discussed in depth in subsequent posts.

    Overall, in the next couple of years, pharmaceuticals and CROs will need to figure out how to consolidate work efforts, track work with fewer tools, and share more with other downstream teams.

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