Managing a Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials are mammoth projects. They may be staffed by 200 people or more. Doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, interns and others are involved. Anyone of them can make a mistake duing the trial which can cause huge problems or ven delay the completion of the project. They are, however, controlled by the parameters of the trials.

Of course, the patients in the trials cannot be controlled. And patients can also cause issues in a clinical trial.

So, managing a clinical trial is crucial or it can be a massive and costly failure. Clincal Trials are managed using manual trackers. Most clinical trial project managers spend most of their time chasing their projects, which can be quite inefficient.

Improvement has come along with new management tools. Ironically, most of these tools are manual which use a lot of time. Automated tools work much better and more efficiently.

DLTA was created to make project managers work much easier. We developed it based on a well-established industry standard called “Work Front”. It’s used in healthcare, defense and IT. DLTA is an add-on so project managers can do an easier job in management.

Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application maps the end-to-end drug approval process. It offers a one stop shop to manage Drug Lifecycle and Regulatory Review process. Call us at (240) 753-8282.