Introducing DLTA

Introducing The Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application (DLTA)

Since the beginning of time, all technologies have a core aim of making lives convenient. And so it is baffling to us that with advances in technology and communication the largest industry in the world has become more complex. The increasing complexity of the regulated environment and in work processes should not have to translate into a complex workday.

We believe in simplifying complexity in the workspace because simplifying work is simplifying life. This produces a tangible difference in the quality of the lives of our people, and in turn the quality of the product they produce. We aim to improve lives by simplifying work processes.

While talking to many pharmaceutical and CRO executives, and researching existing solutions in the market we found the most commonly reported problems are all related to time and money (i.e. delays in drug development and ever increasing costs). And this is where there’s a gap in understanding the problem. Longer projects and rising costs are just symptoms of the problem, and if we don’t treat the underlying ailment we may make the disease worse.

We see the most common approach to address the perceived problem is to introduce additional safety net processes, which introduces more complexity. The actual solution should be to build a system that removes complexity; this approach addresses the heart of the observed business problems: Work Complexity.

In uncovering this disconnect lies the answer to why we do what we do and why DLTA was born.

DLTA’s purpose is to simplify work. In doing so, you will improve timelines, decrease costs, increase efficacy of products, reduce delays, and move all the other levers you try to adjust to increase profits and meet market demands. While time and cost are key pains that DLTA will help to resolve, we maintain that saving on cost and time are the quantitative outputs of the business, and you need to be focusing on improving the day to day work experience of your employees.

All changes have a downstream effect. DLTA allows drug developers to focus on what’s really important – bringing to market better quality drugs that lead to a better quality of life.

Over the next few weeks we will outline for you how DLTA achieves work simplification and the benefits to your organization.