How Do Large Companies Do Complex Projects?

Complex project management for clinical trials is a very critical part of the clinical drug trials planning.

Most clinical trials typically run 45% over budget. There are several reasons for this occuring:

1. Lack of discipline in being able to manage a complex project.
2. Lack of understanding of your resources.
3. Financial data: Unable to capitalize nor being able to baseline on the remaining budget.
4. Time management: ahead or behind?

Technology bridges these issues and can solve these problems in a timely and efficient way.

Project management software is the crucial aspect of the solution. Core Software that meets the needs of the particular project and business must be used. Businesses should have an appropriate project management solution that is customized toward their project instead of a generic project management software.

Costs of project management vary, of course. However, that cost should never be the main reason for choosing the project management software. Focus should be on the attributes of the project management software instead of the price only. Price focus only may jeopardize the entire project.

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