There are tremendous advantages from being on the same page.

Think of a stringed quartet. If they are not all on the same page, the harmonies produced by their instruments will not exist and the audience will walk out.

The same principle can be applied to the drug research process. If all participants are not utilizing the same process and tracking their progress in the same way, then you will see unnecessary delays in project performance.

In surveying the research and development process, it is amazing the number of independent tools and processes that are used to keep work on track. What’s more surprising is to see that the same types of activities are tracked differently at different stages of the process because the activity is completed by a different set of researchers; and each team has their own preference for tracking their work.

Federating the overarching tracking system provides your teams with:

  • A consistent approach to managing their work
  • More seamless handshakes from team to team and stage to stage
  • Better macro level visibility of what will be handed off to the team and when
  • Many of these benefits will be discussed more deeply in subsequent posts.

    Overall, in the next couple of years, pharmaceuticals will need to figure out how to consolidate work efforts, track work in fewer tools, and share more with other downstream teams.

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