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“Why do I have to keep updating the stakeholders? I just sent them a progress report a few days ago and nothing has changed…,” a question project managers ask themselves all too often. Obviously, the stakeholders have invested a significant portion of money into the development of the new drug and he/she is always in […]

Creating the Collaborative Team through Enterprise Work Management

There have been volumes said about the benefits and woes of centralized decision-making. An equal amount has been written touting the benefits and woes of decentralized decision-making. I think it is safe to say that in different situations one decision-making approach is better than another. I would also maintain that there is space for both […]


What? I’m not losing data! Actually you are. It is correct; you have not had a major IT system crash in years. And even if you did, systems are being backed up on a regular basis and are recoverable. And, it is true; you may have had issues with people storing data in the wrong […]