About Aurotech


Aurotech, Inc. is a CMMi-ML3 DEV and SVC assessed, small-business Management and Technology Consulting firm.

We provide creative and actionable IT solutions for commercial businesses and federal agencies. Our solutions help solve mission critical and complex business issues. DLTA is the solution we’ve designed to track and simplify the entire drug lifecycle.

The purpose behind DLTA. We’ve developed DLTA – to simplify the complex enterprise work management process involved in taking a drug from an idea to approval with the FDA. DLTA removes the complexity of the overall drug development and submission process so you can bring life changing products to market faster and easier.

Our key statistics over the past few years paint a clear picture of our accomplishments:

  • 80% repeat business. We deliver and prove our value to our customers – “Deliver Quality on budget and schedule.”
  • 95% retention rate. Our employees are our assets and our commitment to them directly relates to the success and growth of our company.
  • Sustained growth at 40%. Together our value is realized; we are all progressing.
  • Relationship-driven. It is our belief that our most important achievements are the sound relationships we have built and maintained throughout our industry.
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