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How Do Large Companies Do Complex Projects?

Complex project management for clinical trials is a very critical part of the clinical drug trials planning. Most clinical trials typically run 45% over budget. There are several reasons for this occuring: 1. Lack of discipline in being able to manage a complex project. 2. Lack of understanding of your resources. 3. Financial data: Unable […]

Are Clinical Trials Run Differently in Different Countries?

Each country has its own rules and protocols for its clinical drug trials. Operationally, however, drug trials, including foreign ones, follow a universal standard. “Good Clinical Practices” is the manual used around the world for clinical trials. (Administrative and legal forms vary from country to country.) If the clinical trial is done well, then you […]

Why Do Clinical Trials Take So Long?

A smaller clinical drug trial could take about a year while a larger clinical trial could take many years. It depends on how the trial is executed. While there are factors that you can’t control it typically takes a year from start to finish. A smaller clinical drug trial could take about a year and a larger […]

What are Clinical Trials?

Before a drug goes to market there has to be exhaustive testing to see if the drug works and if there are any side effects. These are strictly controlled conditions. Clinical Trials is the official term for this type of testing. In the beginning Phase 1 trials is a very small trial and done in […]

The Patent’s Role in Drug Testing

Many segments of the American population do not participate in clinical trials. These same patients also rarely give feedback on the drugs they are taking. However, that can be improved as there are several ways patients can help with developing different prescription drugs:  If you have a disease, get involved with your patient support groups.  […]