Monthly Archives: February 2017

Why are Drug Prices So Expensive?

Drug prices are so expensive and there are many reasons. The main reason is this: Demand for the Drugs. Drug companies have a product that you cannot live without. They charge based on what they believe people are willing to pay. People will not spare any expense to save their lives. It is how the […]

Product Lifecycle Management

There are many reasons for drug delays in the product lifecycle management process. The¬†Number 1 reason for delay for drugs coming to the market is due to clinical trials. Clinical trials take the longest time in any drug development cycle.¬† They are also the ones that go wrong the most often because people have to […]

All Drug Trials are Identical

Clinical trials for drugs and vaccines are quite similar on the operational side but much different on the disease side. The goals for a vaccine trial are looking at certain things which are different from what a drug would do. However, from an operational side, they are pretty much identical. Professional clinical trials specialize based […]