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What? I’m not losing data! Actually you are. It is correct; you have not had a major IT system crash in years. And even if you did, systems are being backed up on a regular basis and are recoverable. And, it is true; you may have had issues with people storing data in the wrong […]

Introducing a Better Way to Manage Drug Development

Advanced technology accelerates pharmaceutical research and development February 03, 2016 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time SILVER SPRING, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aurotech Inc. announces the launch of the Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application (DLTA). Through DLTA, Aurotech helps companies simplify work and process management across the entire drug development cycle. Pharmaceutical and contract research organizations (CROs) are under constant […]

Pharmaceutical Pain Points

This week I attended DIA Global‘s forum on Regulatory Submission, Information and Document Management. The key take away I had was that the ongoing pharmaceutical pain points have not been addressed by any technological solution. There are solutions that target and address a subset of these pain points but the pharma industry hasn’t had an […]


The Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application is a cloud-based work management solution developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry that maps and tracks the entire lifecycle of a drug being developed, including the FDA’s drug approval and post-approval processes and activities. DLTA provides the industry with a solution that is detailed and complete with built-in durations and […]

Simplifying Work by Unifying Work

Developing new drugs requires managing highly complex processes that span over several years and involves the collaboration of multiple resource groups. Having to manage this complex maze of workflows and simultaneously navigate through FDA’s regulatory requirements with no central engine has led to fragmentation within pharmaceutical organizations. A fragmented workspace leads to confusion, work duplication, […]